Become a partner of Match Talent

International talents in Germany need support in the recognition and development of their skills. MATCH-Talent is looking for partners to join our initiative.

There are many ways to collaborate:

Let’s create win-win situations!
Joint Innovation
Together we can reduce the shortage of skilled workers in Germany and create new offers that meet the needs of your international talents.
Activation of international talents
Together we can raise public awareness of the issue to reach and support as many talented people as possible.

Match Talent’s educational approach

Language & Integration
Professional Training
Educational Partner
Contact us to explore joint partnership opportunities.
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You are a company affected by the shortage of skilled workers in Germany - together we create solutions.
You are an NGO that wants to work with us to raise awareness of the topics of "skilled workers" both in Germany as well as internationally. 
Association, guild
You are an association, guild or similar, representing an economic sector nationally or regionally - we have opportunities for you and your members.
Training Provider
You are a training provider with whom we we can expand our talent pool.We should work on these joint initiatives together.
You are an embassy in Germany interested in getting closer to your diaspora and wishing to facilitate their time in Germany through the MATCH-Talent programme. 

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