Match Talent is an initiative by Lingoda in collaboration with Kiron. We are experts in the qualification and integration of international talents combining vast experience in 100% funded education programs - and we will help you to find the best one for you. All our carefully selected programs come with personal coaching plus our signature course format - language, integration and future skills - which will enable you to successfully adapt to fast-paced, ever-changing environments and challenges.

Our Core Values

You are future-talent
Everything that 'you' stand for - everything you have already learnt and want to learn next - is an invaluable slice of the future of Germany
We are here for you
Whatever you need to reach your full potential in the job market - we have the expertise and it's yours for the taking
Clear thinking talent
Opportunities for further training or to up-skill or even transfer to a new sector are endless and sometimes confusing - we know the way
Endless opportunities
Together we will help you get to where the universe values your talents via a road 100% funded by the German Government

Our team

Caroline Hak
Teamlead Account Management
Felix Wunderlich
Fabienne Huber
Communications & Partnerships Lead
Kasia Wozniak
B2C Community Event Manager
Markus Kressler
Manuela Verduci
Co-Founder & Programme Lead Kiron
Paulina Barquero Umaña
Community Support Manager
Thamires Herzing
Community Manager
Dr. Tobias Ernst
Co-Founder & CEO Kiron
Kateryna Kosenkova
Chief Growth Officer


We turn talent into skills by matching the talents of today with the best career opportunities of tomorrow.
All of our carefully selected educational programmes are 100% government-funded and designed to address the challenges of tomorrow.

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